So you’ve hit that point in your biz where you know you are meant for more, you know you love this biz gig and you want to uplevel your life and your business in a way you have never before so that you can create the life you crave!

I’m here for it babe!

I’m here to see you level up, to make the power moves necessary to grow your business, to challenge your limits, to strengthen your mindset, to take back your power, to get strategic on what you’re doing with your business, to keep you accountable and keep you moving forward to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

I’m not here to convince you of a 10 step system, I’m not here to watch you play small or to turn you into someone else – being YOU in your biz is your special sauce and that is what I want to see skyrocket!

1:1 coaching - you and me baby!

Investment - $3,000
Time frame: 12 sessions
What you get:

Not the right fit? How about this?

It’s a jammed packed session to get you moving with clarity and direction!

Looking for a Keynote Speaker?

While most humans cringe at public speaking; I stand in this zone of Fuck yes I’m excited, yet shit scared all at the same time – just like skydiving!

Early on I realised that when I’m speaking, it’s not actually for me or about me. It’s for the real women sitting in the audience waiting to hear the message that is going to land in their heart and sow itself like a seed and grow the roots that will then see it bloom.

Known for my fiery yet heart led kick up the butt approach, my intention is for your audience to feel the nudge, the tug at the heart that sparks the fire in their belly to elevate their life. While there is fire, there is also life – real life stories that create human connection and a relatable story so your audience walks away with the “aha” moments and the empowerment to feel their power and take action.

If you have an event coming up and are looking for a keynote speaker to light up the space and deliver depth, let’s connect and see if I’m the right fit.

Speaker Topics

How to take back your power and create your life [Mindset & Power]

Why you need to back your “silly dream”

5 shifts you need to build your confidence and finally back yourself!